The consequence of in and out, the visible and invisible.

Early influence came from Russian Constructivist concepts (Rodchenko: "unusual architecture, rhythm, and plasticity") and from the photographic studies by Dr Harold E Edgerton of "seeing the unseen".

In my experience anyone who works within radiography has moments outside of the normal job remit and curiosity drives them to x-ray objects within easy reach: their shoe, their hand, their wife’s hand etc. This was certainly true for Roentgen (the first x-ray of his wife Anna Bertha’s hand) and it was the same for me. One of my earliest images is of my wife Artemi’s leg produced in 1998 when she was 29. It is a beautiful hand-coloured x-ray image of her tibia, fibula, ossa tarsi, metatarsals and phalanges or simply titled ‘foot in stiletto’. It is a modern scientific vision of a ‘femme fatale’ … the allure of the woman in a stiletto and the visual insight to how the foot is indubitably contorted.

X-ray Specs

The comic fantasy of x-ray specs: The idea that by just wearing special glasses an ordinary person can reveal a hidden truth….this is just a fantastical idea.

One of my favourite popular culture x-ray specs moments: This concept of revealing truth is one of the simplest structures in storytelling and for me simply exemplified in the 1999 film ‘The Matrix’ when Neo (Keanu Reeves) has his epiphany, perceives his true environment and its structure of the Matrix is revealed to him…it is a glorious moment of self-realisation giving birth to strength, understanding and purpose.


Hugh Turvey Oxo gallery 2009

Title: 'Magic'