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XOGRAM Watch Face - on Google Play

posted Dec 10, 2014, 11:36 AM by Hugh Turvey
An Android Wear™ watch has become a digital canvas for visual art. Evolving from the Xogram work of artist Hugh Turvey, Xogram is a unique watch face now available for Android wearables. It has been created in collaboration with B-Reel who has worked with Hugh on the creative approach and Android development. Starting today you can download these watch faces from Google Play, just like you do apps, to be used on your Android Wear device.
Hugh’s work exposes the world around us, literally and metaphorically. A selection of his nature images are illuminated through a kaleidoscopic lens whenever the watch face is activated. Conjuring movement that reveals new variations to each they reflect an ever-changing world of possibility.
You can choose between analogue and digital, 12- or 24-hour clock displays and can pick your favourite image or cycle them all throughout the day.
“ This project has given me a new perspective on graphic expressions of time. We are all Chrononauts, travellers in time, and I like to think this app might encourage us to take time and stop, if just for a moment, to appreciate the infinite patterns within nature.”  Hugh Turvey.