(The Day I Saw Your Heart) , Vertigo Productions.
Released April 2011. See the trailor on Facebook here

I worked with the team from Vertigo Productions and produced the x-ray imagery for the film (shot in Paris during August 2010). The last scene of the film was shot at GALERIE ANNE DE VILLEPOIX, 43, rue de Montmorency 75003 Paris. I spent a day with the crew and with a little persuation from Farid Chaouche (The very charming Line Producer), I had a walk on part in the very last scene with the gallery guests....me looking at my own work....!
Réalisatrice: Jennifer Devoldere    Acteurs: Eli: Michel Blanc    Justine: Mélanie Laurent    Géraldine Nakache    Guillaume Gouix

Paris, Film Set of 'Suddenly I miss everybody' Vertigo Productions - X-ray Art by Hugh Turvey

I took some 'behind the scenes' photographs of the crew and producers into the early hours of the morning.

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