XOGRAM Watch Face - on Google Play

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An Android Wear™ watch has become a digital canvas for visual art. Evolving from the Xogram work of artist Hugh Turvey, Xogram is a unique watch face now available for Android wearables. It has been created in collaboration with B-Reel who has worked with Hugh on the creative approach and Android development. Starting today you can download these watch faces from Google Play, just like you do apps, to be used on your Android Wear device.
Hugh’s work exposes the world around us, literally and metaphorically. A selection of his nature images are illuminated through a kaleidoscopic lens whenever the watch face is activated. Conjuring movement that reveals new variations to each they reflect an ever-changing world of possibility.
You can choose between analogue and digital, 12- or 24-hour clock displays and can pick your favourite image or cycle them all throughout the day.
“ This project has given me a new perspective on graphic expressions of time. We are all Chrononauts, travellers in time, and I like to think this app might encourage us to take time and stop, if just for a moment, to appreciate the infinite patterns within nature.”  Hugh Turvey.


LCA, London Contemporary Art 2014 ( AAF )

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LCA, London Contemporary Art 2014

LCA @LCAGallery
Stunning Xray images by Hugh Turvey on show at the LCA stand at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea 13-16th March 2014

London Contemporary Art London Contemporary Art – LCA – is a dynamic company dealing in art created by carefully chosen artists from around the world. We supply artwork to selected galleries for exhibition, interior design companies with site specific work and changing displays to private members clubs, hospitals and businesses in London. LCA exhibits at a number of art fairs in the UK and North America.


X-POSÉ: material and surface @ artopia gallery

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2014: Xogram exhibition
Now showing at Artopia Gallery
27 February to 11 March 2014

X-POSÉ: material and surface @ artopia gallery

Over 6,000 people, in the last two weeks, have seen Hugh Turvey’s extraordinary exhibition of Xograms at the OXO Gallery, Tower Wharf. Now it is heading down-river for an extended run at Artopia, the newly opened gallery on St. Katharine Docks.

Hugh is Artist in Residence at the British Institute of Radiology. An antidote to popular culture’s obsession with the superficial, his meticulously crafted work bridges the gap between art and science, graphic design and pure photography. An exploration of material and surface, X-POSÉ is an exhibition of transcendent imagery that gifts us an extraordinary way of seeing and knowing.

“we are very excited that Hugh has chosen to place these beautiful and beguiling images with us for his show extension in London, following the amazing public acclaim he received at The OXO Gallery. Hugh Turvey is an artist at the top of his tree in this discipline and if you didn’t get to see his work on the South Bank, this is the final opportunity before it goes on national tour. See life as you’ve never quite seen it before through the astonishing X-ray visions of Hugh Turvey, the X-ray Artist.” Kieron Blair, co-founder of Artopia

X-POSÉ runs from 27 February to 11 March 2014
Artopia Gallery, Ivory House, St. Katharine Docks, E1W A1T
Open daily, 11am – 6pm (late night opening, until 9pm, Thursdays)
Enquiries to eloise@artopialondon.com


2014: Xogram exhibition by BIR artist-in-residence

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Oxo tower image 2

The BIR is delighted to support an exciting exhibition of Xograms by BIR artist-in-residence Hugh Turvey at the gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH.

Opening in Valentine’s week from 12 – 23 February 2014 the exhibition is called X-POSÉ: MATERIAL AND SURFACE and admission is free!

About X-POSÉ

X marks the spot.It takes complex interactions of light interference, reflection and diffraction to ‘focus’ X-ray. Photographer Hugh Turvey, focuses this fantastical ‘light’ to illuminate the liminal shadow-spaces of the material world. X denotes the unknown.

Hugh is an artist looking for transparency in a smoke-and-mirrors world of spin and media manipulation. Where Man Ray’s Rayographs revealed an

Oxo tower image

 exterior shadow, Hugh Turvey’s Xograms offer us both exterior and interior shadows, revealing a depth and density to the stuff of life that would otherwise remain hidden.

X is for magnification. How deep do you want to go? In focusing on the in-between, Turvey makes the everyday appear uncommon, creating transcendent images that gift us an extraordinary way of seeing and knowing. For the artist, the delicate tension remains how much light to let in. As one part of the image emerges another necessarily fades. Like night moving into day it is this point of transference that intrigues.

X proffers a kiss.An antidote to popular culture’s obsession with the superficial, Hugh Turvey’s meticulously crafted work is a celebration of his passion for the technology. The consummation of material and surface sings of a love that is deep and substantial, a love that comes from within and without.

About Hugh Turvey’s Xogram work

Hugh Turvey portrait 3

Hugh Turvey is an artist with an international reputation. His Xogram work is held in public and private collections throughout the world. Bridging the gap between art and science, graphic design and pure photography, it has been utilised in a myriad of applications, including commercially, for marketing and advertising, in TV and film and by architects and interior designers.

Along with developing a body of work for the Science Photo Library, Hugh Turvey has collaborated on an ebook and iPad app called ‘X is for X-ray’ launched at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago. His Xogram work has also been widely featured in newspaper articles and magazines around the world.

Among his commercial projects, he has made six award-winning TV adverts, using ground breaking Motion X-Ray. For the past three years he has been working with Waitrose UK on celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal’s ranges and has had images commissioned by L’Oreal, Paris.

Hugh’s Xogram work has starred in 2011 French feature film Et Soudain, Tout Le Monde Me Manque and is on permanent display in Sir Isaac’s Loft at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia. Most recently, his Flora X-ray photographs were selected as a key motif to run throughout the newly refurbished Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg.

Looking to the future, Hugh is a pioneering creative practitioner for better healthcare environments. He has worked on large-scale art installation projects in hospitals in Germany, UK and USA and his Wellcome Trust sponsored inr-i project has been touring hospitals in the UK since 2011. He is currently part of a ‘communicative’ art research team at University College Hospital, London that is creatively thinking about ways to improve patient experience.

Oxo gallery logo

Ipad / Iphone App launch

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X is for X-ray App Launch
RSNA Chicago.

inr-i project and exhibition - NHS / Wellcome Trust

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Update: the exhibition continues to tour: 2012-2015

April 2011: update: images and video loaded to www.inr-i.com
Also Local BBC Radio interview attached at the bottom of this page

As artist-in-residence at Yeovil District Hospital, Hugh Turvey will collaborate with a senior radiographer and a consultant radiologist to explore the potential for using imaging equipment to help engage patients in understanding the interventions they experience. Patients and staff will attend sessions with the artist to explore the creative potential of the equipment and artwork will be produced for the department. The artist and medical staff share an interest in the semiotics of images and the way that the creative manipulation of images could be used to educate patients and demystify complex investigations. Patients will be invited to take part in a further phase of the project to develop material to increase public understanding of radiology. A parallel residency at the British Institute of Radiology will enable the artist to develop this communication material and at this point methods of piloting and disseminating the material at a national level will be explored.

Senior Radiographer
Sasha Moore is a Senior Radiographer at Yeovil District Hospital. Having received an Arts scholarship to study at Bruton school for girls and an Art award for most promising A Level art student in 2000, she chose to pursue a career as a radiographer and completed her Diagnostic Radiography degree at Cardiff in 2003, winning the David Walters Cup for achievement. She worked full time as a Diagnostic Radiographer at the Royal United Hospital Bath before deciding to do a Fine Art degree at Bath Spa University which she completed in 2007. She is currently employed full time as a Senior Radiographer at Yeovil District Hospital with a speciality in CT. She has continued her interest in Fine Art through exhibiting her work and working with the Bath Fringe Arts Festival, including organising temporary exhibitions and fundraising. She instigated the Inner Eye project at Yeovil District Hospital in her role as a committee member for the Arts Project group. She has a particular interest in Art and Science and the debates around this area of contemporary art practice.

Consulting Radiologist
Dr Richard Clarkson is a Consultant Radiologist at Yeovil Hospital having graduated from Birmingham Medical School in 1997, qualifying as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2000 and completing his radiology speciality training in Edinburgh in 2007. Throughout his years as a junior surgeon the power of the pictorial representation of pathology both historical and contemporary, fascinated him. Linked with this was the ever present and often poorly executed need to communicate to patients the meaning of their diagnostic imaging in an understandable and tangible way. This led naturally to a career in radiology. A much higher percentage of radiologists and radiographers than the general public have strong background interests in art: clearly a factor in their career choice. Dr Clarkson has an A Level in art and a keen interest in black and white photography. Through his knowledge of medicine, radiological imaging modalities and the inner workings, and failures, of the human he would like to bring this understanding and unappreciated beauty to a wider audience. In particular he feels the apprehension and fear of the unknown can be debunked through medically inspired art, calming and easing patients at potentially distressing times.

Arts Coordinator – Alex Coulter
Alex Coulter is part-time arts coordinator at Dorset County Hospital where she has been involved in two Wellcome funded projects (Visiting Time 2003 and Boy Child 2005) with artist Mark Storor and producer Anna Ledgard. She has managed numerous Arts and Health projects over the last 10 years including the project ‘Room with a View’ which brings a live view of nature to Leukaemia patients confined to isolation rooms in Dorset County Hospital (budget £100,000). Based on medical research that shows a view of nature can improve medical outcomes this project is now in a development phase to take a view of Brownsea Island to patients in Poole, Yeovil, Dorchester and Bath hospitals funded by the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund. A pilot research project in Dorset will be developed further with a larger scale research project at Royal United Hospital Bath (pending funding). She has been a part-time arts coordinator at Yeovil District Hospital for the last 5 years with projects including an artists’ collaboration and participatory project to create a ‘space ship’ lift for children and various large scale installations of glass and sculpture with budgets ranging from £10,000 - £50,000. She is currently a free lance coordinator managing an Arts Council funded regional arts and public health project REACH with partnerships between arts and health providers in Bristol, Somerset, Devon and Dorset; she is developing an arts strategy for mental health in the Dorset Primary Care Trust and is evaluating a professional development scheme for arts managers in Dorset (AMONITE). Other evaluation experience includes evaluating a dance project for older people in various care centres in Dorset and the dissertation for her MSc looking at the impact of the hospital environment on perceptions of the organisation. She helped found and was the first Chair of Arts and Health South West, a regional networking organisation for arts and health professionals and she is currently Vice Chair of the Culture Theme Group of the Dorset Strategic Partnership. She has extensive experience of strategy, planning and delivering arts and health projects and has worked with many collaborations and partnerships across the health and arts sectors.

Biography of Organisation
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides acute care for a population of about 180,000, mostly in South Somerset, North and West Dorset, and parts of Mendip. Each year more than 30,000 patients are admitted as inpatients or day cases; more than 90,000 people attend outpatient appointments; around 40,000 people are treated in Accident and Emergency; and some 1,300 babies are born in the Maternity Unit. The Foundation Trust has over 7,000 members and over 1,800 staff. The X-Ray Department at Yeovil District Hospital conducts approximately 100,000 examinations per annum which equates to approximately 50,000 patients coming through the department, often with relatives or carers. Approximately 80% of those will be new patients and the other 20% repeat visits. The staff in x-ray rarely have the opportunity to develop longer term relationships with patients but may see them two or three times such as in a pre-operative, post-operative and follow up sessions. This project is an important development for the arts group at Yeovil District Hospital. An arts strategy has just been approved by the hospital board, which includes the recommendation for a part-time arts coordinator post. In the past four years significant effort has been put into developing the arts project alongside a major fundraising and refurbishment campaign. Yeovil Hospital has never hosted an artist-in-residence and this will be an important next step in developing the arts programme from a more traditional focus on commissions and temporary exhibitions towards creative collaborations between artists and staff and more focus on participation. The artwork created will have significance for staff and patients and enhance the environment as well as inform the patients about the department and provide a stimulus for discussion and questioning. This is an excellent department in which to introduce an artist-in-residence and will be a model for future projects which might contribute towards staff development through creative practice.

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Interview - Elle Man Magazine Romania 2011

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Hugh Turvey X-ray Artist interview, magazine article in Elle Man Romania 2011

Limited Edition - Experiment with Canyon

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This has to be
the most exciting project
of the year.

I have collaborated with Canyon from the Netherlands in a crossover art / commercial project. We have produced  a limited edition of products which have bespoke imagery created especially to fit the products. Geert van Dijk very early on in the project, agreed to me having my signature on the products to help establish the art identity and to have some exhibition style launch events in 15 countries (mostly in Europe)...I will be attending 5 of these events and am very excited about reaching out to new audiences through this project.

I have produced a set of art posters to accompany this project and will have these at my future events in the UK, Germany and the USA.

Heston Blumenthal

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Heston Blumenthal ( Waitrose )

We have been collaborating with Waitrose in the UK to produce imagery for a rather 'science orientated' celebrity chef called Heston Blumenthal.  This has been a joint project for myself and my wife Artemi...she is a food photographer and has been instrumental in the project. The project has been challenging with all the varying densities and water content of some of the subjects but we are really happy with the results.

Heston's Biography the Fat Duck Website:

NHS campaign - Alchohol awareness

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The images were meticulously researched by both the relevant government department and the advertising agency and the visuals used have to match up to the reality. Hugh Turvey’s X-ray style photographs attempt to illustrate the hidden dangers of drinking by showing “damage you can’t see”, and the ads carried text explaining hidden effects on the body, from mouth cancer to high blood pressure.

The campaign, run in association with the NHS and three major health charities, was thoroughly road-tested before it was released to ensure the public got the message. VCCP had previously tested a concept based on rotting fruit, but found people just didn’t understand it clearly.

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